Know the Facts

In Utah

  • More adults have thought about or attempted suicide than anywhere else in the country
  • The suicide rate has been consistently higher than the U.S. rate for the past decade
  • Every 16 hours a Utahan dies by suicide.

For youth (ages 10-17)

  • Utah ranks 5th in the nation for suicide deaths
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death
  • Females attempt suicide more frequently than males; however males die by suicide at a higher rate than females

Age-specific suicide circumstances and stressors

  • Youth (10-17) who completed suicide were more likely to have school and other relationship problems
  • Young adults (18-24) were more likely to have intimate partner problems
  • Many adults (25-64) suffered from a diagnosed mental illness
  • Adult men, in particular, face a myriad of other risk factors, including alcohol and substance abuse, job, or financial problems
  • Older adults (65+) are more likely to suffer physical health problems