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Call the Lifeline.

Text or Call 988
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Call 911

If you or someone you know is in a life threatening emergency or in immediate danger of harming themselves.

Mental health crisis help

Call 911 and ask for a CIT Officer (Crisis Intervention Team). They are specially trained to help someone in a mental health crisis.

Watch SafeUT overview video

Faith in Action: Suicide Prevention Summit for Faith Leaders

Protective Action: Learn basic suicide prevention skills

2023 Faith Summit Recordings

2023 Faith Summit Welcome and Dr Lisa Miller “The Power of Spirituality”
Dr. Jared Halverson “Faith Transitions”
Dr. Michael Staley “Suicide Prevention
Jon Schmidt of “The Piano Guys” and Panel Discussion:
“How Faith and Spirituality helped me
Navigate my Crisis”
Dr. Kathie Supiono
Vicky Overfelt “Mindfulness and Loss, Suffering and Grief” and Closing “Interfaith Prayer:
Sister J. Anette Dennis”

2022 Faith Summit Recordings

Andrea Hood Plenary Session: Safe Spaces Save Lives
Panel Discussion: Personal Examples of Positive Faith Support After Loss (Jody Hansen, Elizabeth Kirts, Kade Riding, Dianna Barton and Moderator Pastor Logan Wolf)
Ben Schilaty: Building Bridges for Belonging
Kathie Supiano Building Bridges of Hope After a Suicide Death: Strategies for Faith Leaders and Caregivers, to Reduce Risk and Promote Healing
Pastor Vinnetta Golphin-Wilkerson: Courage to have Difficult Conversations
Craig Anderson: Building Relationships of Hope through Motivational Interviewing

You’re Not Alone: 2021 Suicide Prevention Summit for Faith Leaders

Ali Crandall: The Role of Faith-Based Communities in Countering Adversity with Positive Experiences
Personal Examples of Resilience after Trauma
Building Communities in Faith

Inclusive Action: 2020 Suicide Prevention Summit for Faith Leaders

Preventing suicide through actions that promote belonging.

Healing Action: 2020 Suicide Prevention Summit for Faith Leaders

How to support those who have lost someone to suicide.

Faith in Action: 2020 Suicide Prevention Summit for Faith Leaders

Lived experience and faithful actions to prevent suicide.

Faith Leaders’ Guide to Self-Care After a Suicide

National Action Alliance: Guide to Self-Care

Find your local behavioral health organization

If you are in search of your local resources click the button or the photo to go to the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health’s website. On this site, you will find the map shown, and will be able to click on your county to find the local mental health authority. 

Find grief support groups

Grief from a suicide loss is unique and complicated. You may experience intense feelings of shock, despair, fear, anger, relief, guilt, or shame. These feelings are normal, even if they are directed at the person who died and do not mean you did not love them. It can often be helpful to have support from many different sources. Support groups can help you find others going through similar situations. To find a support group near you, click the button below.