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Safe Messaging Matters

How we talk about suicide and mental health matters.  When safe messaging guidelines are followed, we contribute to a hopeful community narrative about triumph over adversity and networks of support. On the other hand, certain types of messaging about suicide can actually increase hopelessness and risk of suicide for vulnerable individuals. Safe messaging should promote resiliency, encourage help-seeking, publicize prevention successes, and encourage actions that help prevent suicide.

Decades of research from around the world shows that news reports and fictional accounts of suicide can lead to increases in suicide, particularly among youth. In contrast, safe messaging which promotes hope and encourages help seeking can save lives.

Resources to Help you Message Safely

There are several downloadable resources below that can guide your suicide prevention messaging.  These include resources that are specific to the type of messaging (i.e., social media,  reporting on suicide, or sharing your story of recovery), or the audience you might want to message to (i.e., LGBTQ+, Latinx, or Youth). To view or download these resources, simply click on the links below.

How to Message Safely

To view or download these resources, simply click on the links below.

Examples of Safe Messaging